Oct. 28, 2021

Delivery TB216E


SUNCAR has joined forces with Huppenkothen Baumaschinen AG to develop 19 additional TB216E mini excavators. The proven electric excavators are now in use throughout Europe.
SUNCAR has thus been able to complete more than 80 machines distributed throughout Europe. This further small series has been carefully further developed.

The TB216E is equipped with three lithium-ion battery modules. Under full load, four hours of uninterrupted operation is possible.  With an on-board charging power of 6 kW, recharging over the lunch break is sufficient for the e-excavator to be operational for a full working day. A simple charging concept is used: The machines are charged via the existing three-phase network at standard CEE three-phase sockets.  A full charge overnight is possible at a single-phase 230 VAC house connection. 

Easy handling and economic advantages
No special knowledge is required to operate the TB216E, as the intuitive controls of the original models with combustion engines have been retained. The E-excavators also offer economic advantages compared to diesel models:  They can be charged at low cost and do not require maintenance of the engine, power electronics or the batteries.
Application in various fields
The TB216Es are used in various areas such as tourist areas, interior demolition and mines. The machines are particularly ideal for noise- and emission-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and residential areas. 


Link to Huppenkothen


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