MOVASYST Excavator Assistance System

The MOVASYST excavator assistance system comprises a wide range of functions to increase productivity and safety when using excavators. The system is modular in design and allows individual functionalities to be integrated. As a universal assistance system, it can be used on different types of machines from various manufacturers.

Movasyst Limit


Only the limits count. The smart lifting and slewing limitation MOVLIMIT enables efficient and safe working in railroad, road and tunnel construction.

At SUNCAR, we have been successfully using our MOVLIMIT lifting and slewing limitation system for several years. Here, only your limits count. The limits can be easily set on the left, right and above - the system is intuitive to operate. The limit points for the stroke and swivel range are approached, set on the control unit and confirmed.

The control can be used universally, both as a pure stroke or swivel limit, but also as a combined stroke and swivel limit. If a limit range is reached, the pilot control is blocked for this movement. The position of the main arm is detected by means of an inclination sensor. When slew limiting is switched on, lateral displacement is also blocked. The system is ready for use within one day and can be mounted on various excavator models.



  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Can be mounted on various excavator models
  • Ready for use within one day
  • No influence on excavator performance
  • Adjustable damping ramp for smooth braking behavior
  • Can be used in combination as stroke and swing limiter or individually
  • No license costs
Movasyst View


The excavator does exactly what is predefined. The new bucket position control system - MOVIEW - ensures accurate work on the job site.

The visualization of the position of the bucket cutting edge shows distances, depths and slopes precisely. This eliminates the need for additional measuring, the erection of a cutting frame or time-consuming re-measuring. The option of specifying a target contour makes it really easy, for example, to create flat surfaces or slopes with a defined target angle.

Of course, the parameters of different attachments can be stored. Thanks to MOVIEW, undesirable extra excavation is avoided, and greater precision is achieved with fewer operations. This increases productivity and reduces costs.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Can be mounted on many excavators
  • Increased productivity
  • No extra excavation
  • Fewer work cycles
  • Constant control of the work performed for dimensional accuracy
  • Reduced personnel requirements for measuring and control work
Movasyst Level


Stay productive - and give yourself a break. With the new MOVECONTROL assistance system, achieving a perfect result in the stripping process is very easy.

By automating recurring machine movements, the operator is relieved and productivity is increased. With the help of the semi-automatic control of the delivery, the entire stripping process can be completed with just one joystick. Thanks to the option of a target contour specification, further flat surfaces, slopes with defined angles or an exactly vertical earth bore can be created in a single operation without any major preparation or measuring effort.

You activate the system with a simple push of a button. The assistance system is smoothly integrated into the workflow and works both for movements towards and away from the excavator.


  • Create gradients, slopes and embankments with defined angles precisely and without reworking
  • No manual measuring or manual reworking necessary
  • Works towards and away from the excavator
  • Perfect result over the entire reach of the boom

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