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Software Development

One of our core competences is software development for products, electric drives, complete systems and vehicles. This enables us to develop vehicle controls, displays or operating panels completely in-house.

With our proven expertise in the field of software for vehicle and machine controls, as well as for user interfaces of displays, we efficiently and quickly develop solutions for a wide range of requirements.

The programming of controls and user interfaces such as vehicle control units (VCU) and displays (HMI) is one of our core competences. Using CODESYS, we develop according to the latest state of the art. Following the development, we support the commissioning and testing of the vehicles. Based on the results, we implement any necessary optimizations of the vehicle control system and all relevant safety functions. Throughout the entire process, our software development team is committed to delivering safety-certified software that meets your specific requirements. This allows you to deliver vehicles to end customers with the best conscience.

Our services here include:

  • Analysis of control system requirements for your application
  • Support in the compilation of software functions
  • Control of hydraulic systems of various types
  • Control of HV power electronics from various manufacturers
  • Creation of event management and error handling at system level
  • Design and programming of various control loops
  • Creation of visualizations with a strong focus on ease of use

Our competences are composed of:

  • Several years of experience in the creation of state-of-the-art machine and vehicle control systems
  • Efficient programming by using a standardized software layout for communication and control of HV power electronics
  • Large library of tested and verified modules
  • Programming in industry standard IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS
  • Use of versioning tools such as SVN and git


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