23 October 2020

HITACHI sells electric excavators in Europe to meet environmental regulations!

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has begun accepting orders for the ZE85, an eight-ton class hydraulic excavator. The battery powered ZE85 excavator was developed in collaboration between SUNCAR HK AG and HITACHI EAC. It was displayed at the bauma2019. HITACHI is expecting a growing demand for electric machinery. The company has already received inquiries from Norway and Germany and is targeting orders for more than 25 units by the end of this year and 50 units by 2021.

If you can read Japanese, you might be interested in the original press release. Beside some technical specifications also a price level is indicated:

Weblink Japanese Press Article:

14 October 2020

Hybrid Construction Equipment Forum

CLIMATE-NEUTRAL CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY is a focus topic at the Construction Equipment Forum. This year also virtual participation is possible. SUNCAR HK AG will be an exhibitor and our managing director Stefan Schneider will contribute as an expert to the workshop "HOW TO MAKE EXISTING ASSETS FIT FOR A CO2-FREE FUTURE?".

We're looking forward to meet you at the Construction Equipment Forum 2020.

Weblink to the focus topics and the speakers & experts:
SUNCAR HK AG: Maximale Leistung - Minimale Emissionen (German, PDF)

Picture: Construction Equipment Forum

30 September 2020

Electrification with SUNCAR HK AG

Are you interested in the electrification of machines and vehicles? Then you should learn more about the company SUNCAR HK AG! In our new image brochure you will find the most important information about our products and reference projects!

Enjoy reading!

Link to the image brochure:
SUNCAR HK AG: Maximale Leistung - Minimale Emissionen (German, PDF)

Picture: Image brochure SUNCAR HK AG

8 September 2020

Battery-powered drilling-rig in operation

The battery-powered drilling rig, which was developed in cooperation with SUNCAR HK AG, is successfully in operation in Bergen. The project will be certified according CEEQUAL. CEEQUAL stands for "Civil Engineering Environmental Quality and Award Scheme". It is used to evaluate and award sustainability in civil and public construction projects. The electrical machines in this project are an important measure. Sustainability is seen as a competitive advantage. Norway is very ambitious regarding emission-free construction. Oslo is pursuing the goal that by 2030 all construction machines used must be emission-free!

Link to project news:

25 August 2020

Report: An Electric Decade in Construction

2020 marks the start of a significant decade of change in the construction industry – one in which electrification and emissions reductions will dominate. The report "An Electric Decade in Construction" includes views from 15 industry experts across Europe. Find the quote of our Co-Managing Director Stefan Schneider regarding the transition to more “Sustainability” and the electrification of construction machines.

Source and Picture: Hyper Drive Innovation Report - An Electric Decade in Construction

2 September 2020


At the SWISS GREEN ECONOMY SYMPOSIUM 2020, SUNCAR HK AG linked up with representatives from the construction industry, politics and science. It was highlighted that since years various battery-powered construction machines and vehicles have already been enabling quiet and emission-free construction sites in Switzerland and Europe. The construction industry exceeds the greenhouse gas emissions of aviation and can therefore make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Bild: Swiss Green Economy Symposium

25 August 2020

Report: An Electric Decade in Construction

2020 marks the start of a significant decade of change in the construction industry – one in which electrification and emissions reductions will dominate. The report "An Electric Decade in Construction" includes views from 15 industry experts across Europe. Find the quote of our Co-Managing Director Stefan Schneider regarding the transition to more “Sustainability” and the electrification of construction machines.

Source and Picture: Hyper Drive Innovation Report - An Electric Decade in Construction

14 July 2020

PPPI (IÖB) awarded:
Funding possibility for procurement projects of zero-emission construction machinery and vehicles

SUNCAR is now PPPI (IÖB) awarded! Various funding possibilities support the innovation procurement, now also for emission-free construction machines or vehicles. With the national competence center for innovation procurement Austria is pursuing the goal of increasing the proportion of public procurement volume that is used for innovations. The “Action Plan for Public Procurement Promoting Innovation (PPPI, IÖB) is an initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) and the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

SUNCAR is now present on the innovation platform of the PPPI and thus intends to contribute to increase the number of battery-powered construction machinery, vehicles and emission-free construction sites in Austria.

PPPI-Weblink (IÖB) Innovation Plattform "zero emission municipal vehicles and construction machines":

Apply for PPPI-Transfer-Funding (IÖB):

Investment support for innovative procurement projects. For the Transfer module, a grant of up to 100% of the eligible costs is possible, but not exceeding EUR 100,000.

Picture: Electric excavators are particularly common in tourist areas

3 June 2020

Highest circulation Swiss newspaper reports:
Bike trail built with 100% renewable energy,
constructed with battery electric excavators and equipment

In the Swiss holiday region of Flims Laax Falera, the world's first bike trail to be built 100% with renewable energy is under construction. Velosolutions is using, among other machines, SUNCAR's battery operated electric excavators, which are charged at the power distribution of the snowmaking system.

In tourism regions, more and more attention is being paid to sustainability, as many holidaymakers book more consciously. For years car-free mountain regions, such as Saas-Fee, have appreciated the quiet and emission-free electric excavators. The excavators are now also used away from settlements and roads. The only requirement is a sufficient power supply nearby.

Wherever one of the widely used 400V CEE sockets is available, an emission-free construction site can be considered. Residents and tourists, construction workers and also nature will appreciate the low noise and zero emission construction machines. Finally, the battery electric machines and vehicles are also less expensive to maintain. It is up to everyone, be they public or private clients, to commit themselves to lower emissions and more sustainability with appropriate tendering criteria.

Electric excavator on emission-free constructed bike trail:

News-Portal of (German):

27 Mai 2020

Zero emission construction sites are easy to install

The only requirement for a zero emission construction site is a grid connection with sufficient power (400V CEE socket). Explore a zero emission construction site with various battery-driven excavators by drone flight in the Netherlands…

20 Mai 2020

Paradigm shift in procurement:
The quality competition is coming! And thus also ecological tendering criteria...

Public procurement is facing a paradigm shift. It should no longer be measured solely in terms of economic efficiency, but should now also be based on macroeconomic, ecological and social criteria.

It is to be expected that emissions on construction sites will decrease. Emission-free construction machinery such as excavators or drilling rigs electrified with SUNCAR can make an important contribution to this. Battery-electric dumpers, rammers, vibratory plates and internal vibrators are also already available.

Emission-free construction sites are the future!

Procurement law with ecological criteria briefly explained (in German):

Short film emission-free construction site:

Link to the working paper about the political framework for emission-free construction sites "politische Rahmenbedingungen für emissionsfreie Baustellen":
Arbeitspapier: politische Rahmenbedingungen für Emissionsfreie Baustellen (PDF)

Article in the newsletter of the Swiss construction industry (in German):

Picture: Schweizer Beschaffungsrecht, USIC & Schweizer Bauwirtschaft

03 April 2020

Fast charging on the construction site: Swiss battery-powered excavator on a zero-emission construction site in Oslo

The first electric excavator with an integrated CCS fast-charging interface as it is known from electric cars, is now being successfully operated on a zero-emission construction site in Norway. This enables full charging in under an hour. With the vehicle-side modular DC charging system INTERFLOW, developed by SUNCAR, such a DC fast charging interface can be integrated into a vehicle or machine with little effort. The system enables the DC fast charging of high-voltage batteries up to 280 kW according to the CCS (Combined Charging System) protocol known from electric vehicles. This system can be integrated into any other battery-powered vehicle or machine with a system voltage of up to 800 VDC and a maximum charging current of 350 A and can be combined with an on-board charger.

Link to Press Release "Fast charging on the construction site":
Press Release INTERFLOW DC-fast charing interface: Fast charging on the construction site (PDF)

Link to Youtube: ZE85 Excavator in Operation at Zero-Emission Construction Site “Olav Vs gate”:

Picture: ZE85 Excavator in Operation at Zero-Emission Construction Site “Olav Vs gate” in Oslo

27 March 2020

Zero Emission Construction Machinery Data Base and Report on Zero Emission Construction Sites

Bellona launched a Database for Zero Emission Construction Machinery! Also their Report on Zero Emission Construction Sites including examples from cities striving towards reducing emissions from construction sites is great. Also SUNCAR HK is part of the database and the report:

Link to Database "Emission-free Construction Equipment":


Baustelle BürsPicture: BELLONA Zero Emission Construction Machinery and Zero Emission Construction Sites

18 March 2020

Netherlands: Thousands of delays and construction stops due to excessive emissions - But zero-emission construction sites are already possible today thanks to SUNCAR!

Due to excessive emissions in the Netherlands, the highest court and advisory body of the government of the Netherlands, the "Raad van State", has stopped major construction projects in 2019. The court gave the government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte the choice of taking more effective measures to reduce nitrogen oxide or cancelling projects - including the construction of thousands of homes.

SUNCAR and its partners have been electrifying construction machines and vehicles for years. From 1.6 tons to 16 tons excavators, from tool carriers/transporters to 55 tons drilling rigs. The machines prove everyday their suitability for daily use on various zero-emission construction sites throughout Europe.

Link to Reuters and SRF:

Baustelle BürsPicture: Local zero emission construction site in special foundation (16 tons electric excavator & 55 tons battery driven drilling rig)

5 March 2020

Post Rental & Trading colaborates with Huppenkothen to rent SUNCAR battery-driven excavators in the BENELUX

We are pleased to announce that now it is also possible to rent battery-driven SUNCAR excavators in the BENELUX. The company "Post Rental & Trading" displayed the whole range of SUNCAR battery-driven excavators from 1.6 tons to 16 tons at the "Infra Relatiedagen" fair.

Link zu Post Rental & Trading:

Watt d'Or

13 February 2020

FUSION450 High Voltage Distribution Unit from SUNCAR HK in Classic Car

Green dream car? We are delighted that our FUSION high voltage distribution system is being used in this battery-driven green Jaguar. Manufaktur Marton GmbH specializes in the electrification of classic cars and has already successfully converted a classic Corvette and a Porsche to an electric drivetrain. And by the way, the fuel pump in the background is also electrified and probably the most beautiful charging station in the world. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Link to Manufaktur Marton GmbH:

Watt d'Or

30 January 2020

New Electric Excavator Series TB216E

We are proud to complete a new series of TB216E battery-driven excavators. Rent or purchase from Huppenkothen Baumaschinen AG.

Link to Huppenkothen:

Watt d'Or

9 January 2020

Winner of the 2020 Watt d'Or award: Municipal vehicle from Meili electrified with SUNCAR HK AG

Congratulations to the Watt d'Or 2020 Award. We're proud being the electrification partner of Meili and being a key contributor for this innovative battery driven municipal vehicle.

Link to the Youtube-Video of the Winner of the Watt d'Or 2020 Award:

Link to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy: Winner of the 2020 Watt d'Or award:

Watt d'Or

Watt d'Or

5 December 2019

SUNCAR HK AG at the Construction Equipment Forum in Mannheim

We already do, what big market players talk about: We're developing sustainable construction machinery. SUNCAR HK is leading in the field of battery-driven construction machines! We offered our electrification competences at the Construction Equipment Forum 2019 in Mannheim...

Link to the Construction Equipment Forum:

Construction Equipment Forum

Construction Equipment Forum

21 November 2019

INSIGHT Remote System for Vehicles and Machines

The INSIGHT remote system from SUNCAR HK gives you a quick overview of your vehicle fleet or machine park. Through benchmarking and predictive maintenance, the remote maintenance system helps manufacturers and operators of conventionally or electrically powered commercial vehicles and machines to save costs. The system is used successfully on airports, construction sites and roads all over the world.

Press Release INSIGHT Remote System (PDF)

Flughafen Zürich

16 October 2019

Modular High Voltage Distribution Systems for Electric Vehicles and Machines

The newly developed FUSION-High Voltage Distribution Systems up to 800 Volts prove their safety and robustness in the Europe-wide use of electric excavators and baggage tow tractors.

Press Release FUSION High Voltage Distribution Systems (PDF)


4 September 2019

Battery-driven excavator for everybody at Scientifica 2019!

"Science Fiction - Science Facts": this was the motto under which the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich looked to the future on their Science Days - because what sounds like fiction today could perhaps be everyday life tomorrow. Between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors took the opportunity at "Scientifica" to obtain answers directly from researchers. SUNCAR showed the visitors the advantages of electrifying construction machines and vehicles with an electric excavator and raised great excitement from young to old. Many representatives from politics, industry and science took the opportunity to become an insight into our start-up company.

BastienGirod Picture with Bastien Girod, Member of the National Council, Green Party of Switzerland

15 Mai 2019

Liebherr and SUNCAR present world’s first battery-powered drilling rig to bauma

Last month, Liebherr surprised visitors to the bauma trade fair in Munich with a world debut: the world’s first battery-powered drilling rig LB 16 unplugged, jointly developed with SUNCAR HK, was presented to the public.

Press Release Liebherr LB 16 unplugged (PDF)

LB 16 unplugged

23 April 2019

SUNCAR HK corporate video

In our corporate video, we name the ecological and economic advantages of electrical construction machines on the basis of our electric excavators. We also talk about our vision and our competences.

15 April 2019

SUNCAR HK managing director interviewed by

Stefan Schneider (28) who, together with Daniel Vincenz (30), runs SUNCAR HK, reveals the secret of the start-up's success in an interview on

Link to the interview (in German):

Stefan Schneider im Interview

29 January 2019: Year 2018 in Review

Electromobility takes off – on- and off-road

A retrospective view of the year 2018 from the point of view of the development company SUNCAR HK proves that electromobility has gained momentum in the niche markets. In only one year, the Swiss start-up company has electrified excavators, baggage tow tractors and municipal vehicles.

Year 2018 in Review (PDF)


4 December 2018

SUNCAR electric excavator for underground mining

One of our TB216E is ready for use in a mine. The battery-driven, high-performance and emission-free excavator is the perfect choice for mining operations. A drill can be attached to the carriage which itself is fitted to the excavator. The drill then moves on the tracks with continuous feed. The roll bar was considerably strengthened for this special version to guarantee the driver’s safety. The TB216E is so ready for its use in the oldest, still active salt mine in Germany, more specifically in Berchtesgaden.


6 November 2018

SUNCAR HK and Viktor Meili AG develop two sought-after fully electric municipal vehicles

SUNCAR HK and the renowned Swiss manufacturer of municipal vehicles have developed and presented two 100% electric municipal vehicles called BEAT.e® and RETO.e®, which generate a lot of interest on the market.

Press Release BEAT.e® and RETO.e® (PDF)


16 October 2018

SUNCAR HK wins eMove360° Award 2018 in the category „Commercial Electric Vehicle“

Yesterday evening, in the festive atmosphere of the Glyptothek in Munich, SUNCAR HK was presented with the eMove360° Award 2018 in the category „Commercial Electric Vehicle“ for its electric excavator fleet.

Press Release eMove360° Award (PDF)

eMove360° Award

7 June 2018

SUNCAR HK in SSES's magazine "Erneuerbare Energien"

"Erneuerbare Energien", the magazine of SSES (the Swiss association for solar energy) has published an article based on our comparison of emissions and costs between an eletric and a diesel excavator in its issue 04/2018.

Erneuerbare Energien 04/2018 S. 20 (PDF in German)

Erneuerbare Energien

20 June 2018

Fully electrical baggage and cargo tow tractor »SHERPA« E, developed by SUNCAR HK and Goldhofer, delivers convincing performance

SUNCAR HK and Goldhofer group developed one of the most powerful Li-Ion battery-powered baggage and cargo tow tractors. The »SHERPA« E is currently being tested in use and impresses airports all over the world.

Press Release »SHERPA« E (PDF)


7 June 2018

SUNCAR HK in the EKZ blue magazine

EKZ blue, the magazine of the utility company of the Canton of Zurich, published an article about SUNCAR HK in its issue 2/2018.

Link to the article (in German):

EKZ blue

30 May 2018

Huppenkothen Baumaschinen expands its portfolio of SUNCAR HK AG electrical excavators

Because of the high demand for the two existing electrical excavators, the TB216E and TB1140E, Huppenkothen Baumaschinen assigned its subsidiary, SUNCAR HK AG, to electrify another model. Thanks to its practical size, the new TB260E is a very promising product.

Press Release TB260E (PDF)

Electrical excavator TB260E

14 March 2018

3D Webgovie of the electric excavator TB260E

Together with the company 3DIT we have made a 3D animation of our newest electric excavator TB260E. An interacitve 3D model helps to descripe the functionality of a fully electric excavator, from the propulsion, over the battery, up to the charger, in a simple and easy way.

Link to online platform:

Electric excavator TB260E webgovie

17 January 2018

Launch of 3x TB260E

By the end of December 2017 we finished the first electric excavator TB260E. The battery lasts at least 6 hours, and with one hour recharging over noon, a full 8 hour work day can be ensured. As of now these machines can be rented and bought at Huppenkothen.

Elektrobagger TB260E

22 October 2017

Live-support with remote system

In Switzerland and Austria there are more than 30 electric excavators built by SUNCAR in the field. These machines are equipped with the self engineered remote system. The most important working data is recorded and will be evaluated. In addition we assist with live support no matter where in the world the excavator may be located.

Remote System Machinen Karte

4 July 2017

Video interview in Saas-Fee

At the moment one electric excavator TB1140E and one TB216E are tested in Saas-Fee. The community of Saas-Fee doesn't allow the operation of convential powered machines during the whole summer and winter. Instead they decided to use our electric excavators which can be used over all seasons.

6 December 2016

Launch & delivery of 5x TB216E

By the end of November 2016 SUNCAR HK AG delivered the first five autonomous TB216E electric excavators. A battery runtime of approximately 4 hours can be reached doing excavation work. The excavators can also be run directly form the power grid if plugged in during operation.


22 July 2016

First TB216E in operation

SUNCAR HK AG presents the first full electric TB216E with li-ion batteries. The dynamic electric propulsion allows high power efficiency and improvement in performance. The handling is kept simple and user-friendly. TB216E is equipped with a reliable hydraulic system and owns the same comfort as an original diesel excavator.


11 April 2016

We are at bauma 2016

SUNCAR HK AG shows from 11. until 17. april 2016 at bauma the electric excavator TB1140E. Visit us at the booth from W. Schäfer Gmbh and Huppenkothen GmbH. (Booth number: FN.1016/6)

Link to the event:

SUNCAR TB1140E bauma 2016

04. April 2016

TB1140E on its way to bauma 2016

SUNCAR HK AG presents the world's first electric 16 tons excavator at the bauma 2016. The fully battery operated excavator runs a whole day of work (8 hours) and can be fully charged within 4 hours.

SUNCAR TB1140E in Lauterach

24 November 2015

European Solar Prize winner 2015

SUNCAR HK AG won with the electric excavator TB1140E the European Solar Prize 2015 in the category for transport systems. Worldwide first 16-tons-excavator with battery electric propulsion and power supply through a PV-system on the companies rooftop.

Link to the event:

SUNCAR at Europian Solar Prize 2015

20 October 2015

Swiss Solar Prize winner 2015

SUNCAR HK AG won with the electric excavator TB1140E the Swiss Solar Prize 2015 in the category for energy system. The SUNCAR electric excavator emits less noise, zero emissions and offer with higher maximum power in comparison to an original diesel excavator.

Link to the event:
Dossier (PDF)

SUNCAR at Swiss Solar Prize 2015

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