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Electrical Development

The electrification of a vehicle or machine requires a complete revision of the LV supply and the creation of an HV on-board network.


The state of the art is moving strongly from mechanics towards electronics in combination with intelligent control. This means that a reliable basis is being created for electrical systems in vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. Our competence in the field of electronics enables us to work on the following topics in a targeted manner in the respective projects:

  • Conception and dimensioning of components and systems
  • Design, revision and/or expansion of central electrics and low-voltage systems
  • Layout, design and development of machine-specific circuit boards
  • Design and layout of high-voltage systems


  • Library with standardised components
  • Calculation and design of conductor cross-sections and fuses
  • High and low voltage systems
  • Increased requirements for harsh environments
  • Cooperation with experienced manufacturing partners

Schematic and 3D wiring harness planning

  • Drawing and layout of complete schematics with vehicle interface
  • Design of wiring harnesses on the 3D model of the vehicle or machine
  • Export of the 3D wiring harness data for integration into the customer's 3D model
  • Preparation of documents for the manufacturing partners



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