Field Reports of Electric Excavators

We have talked to customers and partners about their experience with our SUNCAR electric excavators and have written fiel reports based on this, in German.


Field Report Philipp Bähler (CEO, O. MÄDER AG) in German (PDF)

Philipp Bähler is CEO at O. MÄDER AG, a construction company that specializes in construction sites where dust and emissions need to be reduced to a minimum and where SUNCAR's electric excavators are very helpful.

Roger Luescher

Field Report Roger Lüscher (Project Manager, Archaeological Service of Bern) in German (PDF)

Roger Lüscher is Project Manager at the Archeological Service of Bern, which relies on SUNCAR's electric excavator for their archeological digs.

Tristan Huber

Field Report Tristan Huber (Excavator Operator, KIBAG) in German (PDF)

Tristan Huber is an excavator operator of the construction company KIBAG, which regularly rents SUNCAR's electric excavators.

Erwin Schmid

Field Report Erwin Schmid (Owner, Schmid GmbH Mechanik) in German (PDF)

Erwin Schmid is the owner of Schmid GmbH Mechanik, which is Huppenkothen's local representative in Upper Valais and rents SUNCAR's electric excavators in Saas-Fee, where diesel-powered construction machines are banned most of the year.

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