Advantages of Electric Excavators

SUNCAR’s electric excavators have some key advantages compared to conventional diesel-powered excavators: They are environmentally friendly, economical and user-friendly.

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The electric drive is 2.5 times more efficient than a diesel motor and therefore goes easy on resources. Besides its generally higher efficiency, the electric motor only runs when the operator is actually working with it. Consequently, there is no waste of resources because of idle phases. There is also no need for warm-up phases.

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SUNCAR’s electric excavators have a crucial advantage with regards to their emission-free operation. During their life time of 12,000 h (including production), an electric excavator exhausts up to more than 90% less CO2e emissions. The TB1140E e.g. saves, if operated with Swiss power from renewable sources, around 93% and 415 t CO2e compared to a diesel-powered excavator. It becomes also evident that the emissions caused by the production of the battery are lower than those caused by the extraction and refinement of the oil.

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If the Swiss consumer electricity mix (181.5 g CO2e / kWh) is used instead of the renewable power, the TB1140E still saves 75% and 334 t CO2e during his entire life cycle compared to the diesel-powered excavator.

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SUNCAR’s electric excavators are also more silent and cause less vibrations than diesel-powered excavators. A reduction of the sound level by 12 dBA while excavating and 8 dBA at idle corresponds to a reduction of the perceived loudness by half.

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Although the purchase price of an electric excavator is higher than the one for a diesel-powered excavator, the total costs of ownership show that the lower costs during operation and for maintenance compensate or nearly compensate the initially higher investment depending on the excavator model and the number of battery modules in use. Operating costs of a SUNCAR electric excavator are around 70% lower than those of a comparable diesel excavator (at a constant diesel price of CHF 1.77 / l and a constant power price of 15.9 cents / kWh). As the electric motor is low-maintenance, maintenance costs are significantly lower. In particular, money is saved because there is no need for the expensive particulate filters. The economic efficiency of an electric excavator can additionally be increased by the sale of CO2 certificates.

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When re-charged for a short time during lunch break, the high-performance batteries, which are installed in SUNCAR’s electric excavators, make an unlimited wireless use of the excavator during an entire day at work possible. Electric excavator can therefore be used as flexibly as diesel-powered excavators. What distinguishes SUNCAR’s electric excavators from other excavators is their user-friendliness. The HMI can be used intuitively, and a remote system allows the receiving and analyzing of operational and GPS data as well as an early detection of any malfunctions. Another decisive difference between electric and diesel excavators is that electric excavators can control their arm and caterpillar at the same time and under maximum load, without risking any speed drop.

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